Please allow at least two weeks notice, prior to an event. Committee meetings do not require a two week notice.

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Policy & Regulations * PLEASE READ CAREFULLY - ESPECIALLY #5 AND #12 *
PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND BE FAMILIAR WITH THESE POLICIES. - 1. PFBC reserves the right and responsibility to decline or terminate a Building Use Agreement due to a scheduling conflict or concern re: program content and/or improper use of the building. 2. PFBC assumes no responsibility whatsoever if last-minute cancellations are caused by mechanical failure, Fire Marshal regulations, or any other causes beyond the control of PFBC. 3. The applicant is restricted to the use of the facilities and times as stated on the confirmation booking. 4. Please ensure you have trained sound/computer personnel to operate the sound, video projector and computer equipment. 5. THE APPLICANT WILL LEAVE THE PREMISES IN A NEAT AND TIDY CONDITION, READY FOR THE NEXT USE. THIS INCLUDES THE ROOMS USED, HALLWAYS AND WASHROOMS. LIGHTS ARE TO BE TURNED OFF, TAPS IN BATHROOMS AND KITCHEN CHECKED, AND WASTE PLACED IN THE APPROPRIATE RECEPTACLES. 6. Please do not use scotch tape, regular masking tape, pins or tacks on the wall surfaces or doors. 7. Use of alcohol, any form of cannabis, prohibited drugs, and games of chance are not permitted on PFBC property. 8. Tobacco smoking is permitted outside of the building only, but its prohibited within six metres of all doorways, air intakes, and open windows. 9. Only dripless candles may be used. 10. All groups using the facility shall provide adequate supervision of participants, by mature adults, in the rooms used, as well as in the hallways, the kitchen and the washrooms. 11. PFBC is not responsible for personal loss or injury, however caused, occurring during the use of the facilities. 12. Users must familiarize themselves with the fire emergency evacuation procedures. 13. IF NECESSARY, CHURCH KEYS WILL BE ISSUED BY THE CHURCH OFFICE. ONE KEY ONLY IS ISSUED TO EACH GROUP. KEYS CANNOT BE COPIED. A CODE WILL ALSO BE ISSUED. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR CODE PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE BUILDING. 14. Office hours are 8:30am - 4:00pm, Monday to Thursday and 9:00am - 1:00pm on Friday's. Church office phone # is 250-248-6322.